Ben Solo and Rey touching scene –

Ben Solo and Rey touching scene

We love this scene.

Kylo is just sitting there… The context between him and Rey seems to be one of empathy. One should ask himself why these two enemies are behaving like if they were in love...? Well, are they?

Rey and Ben Solo touching hands


We actually think that this scene fits perfectly into the context and to both character's past.

Kylo, one of the worst villains in the movie, was surprisingly very quiet while Rey was coping with loneliness.

Ben Solo on touching scene with Rey in The Last Jedi


Well, who is coping with loneliness too? Exactly, the very Kylo Ren, or, should I say, Ben Solo? He has been alone all this time and this is a very brief, shiny moment that they could support each other.

Look at his face. And his eyes, it says it all. You can almost see trembling movement on his lips although this is just an image.

Close up on Ben Solo on the touching scene in The Last Jedi

A Smooth scene and also a perfect one.

We are presented with a man that its most deep mission is to know all about the Dark Force and overtake the whole galaxy. He is one of the most powerful and evil man alive and a very dangerous one too.

It is interesting to see a so strong-willed man being so humanized like that.

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  • Interesting article! To even add more details to your description of this scene, his scar also resembles the troubled past he had to go through.

    Thank you Rian Johnson for this piece!

    John Falcon

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